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Sat Jul 19

Anonymous said: Thoughts on blazers on heartier guys? While I like it on slim model types, in afraid I'll look like a whale in seersucker skin

I think any guy looks better in a blazer. You may just need a properly tailored one that doesn’t fit you too tightly but also doesn’t have you lost in a fabric cocoon. 

Anonymous said: what does still mitchell mean?

Last night someone asked me a similar question and in the light of day, I’m still myself. I really enjoy my life and being who I am, that’s all that matters to me. 

Anonymous said: why can't you say if you are gay or straight its not a big deal! you should be proud of who you are!

Coming from someone who clicked a button to hide their identity. 

I don’t get hangovers. It’s my superpower. 

Anonymous said: Are you gay or straight?

Still Mitchell.

Anonymous said: We could meet up

My mom says I shouldn’t meet strangers who don’t come off anon…I may be paraphrasing

Anonymous said: Do you ever come to Houston?

I have been a few times. I like it and would like to explore more. 

Anonymous said: I live in Houston and go to UT 🐂

If you like to cuddle I can overlook the war hymn. 

Anonymous said: Dude I live in Houston! Kinda close to A&M

Only an hour away.