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Sat Aug 11

A fraternity man reads. A fraternity man reads his ritual, reads the paper, reads books that make no sense and books that speak to exactly where he is in his life. He reads the Bible and the Koran. He reads and gives books away, because words are powerful when used properly.

A fraternity man cares more about his badge than his bow ties. A gentleman in a bow tie or a beautiful suit is a thing to behold. But if you don’t have your badge anymore, or have lost connection to the relationships in fraternity, your bowtie or other marks that you are a gentleman become nothing but a costume. A real fraternity man knows when to humbly serve in a T-shirt and jeans. His badge, even if he’s not wearing it, is a part of his outward appearance because he is living his ritual.

A fraternity man knows the power of family. There is a reason you call the men in your life your “brothers.” A brother, father, son, or husband is a man who has stared commitment down and made some choices. The choice to support your family is the choice of a man. Only your family will be there when things get tough. That’s why we love to see you get married or have a child. You’ve made a choice to expand your family. Powerful stuff.

A fraternity man grieves when things are lost. Grief and sadness, closure and farewell are all a part of the fraternity story. As a fraternity man, saying goodbye should be something you learn how to do. A real man says goodbye like a gentleman, with mutual respect, because he honors the fact that things end.

A fraternity man knows how to love. Real love, the love of a person or an institution is unselfish and ego-free. It liberates and does not hold. The love of a fraternity man is more than a song and more than words on a page. The love of a fraternity man is demonstrated by his actions. Love liberally and in an unguarded way. Love will find you when you most need it. A real man loves with intention, and fraternity is tied by the actions of men who loved the potential of brotherhood. That potential speaks to us even today, and that is because of love.

A fraternity man will never treat another human like they are worth less, or worthless. A real fraternity man is humble, hardworking, and uses his letters to elevate other people, rather than look down on those who are not a part of his personal circle. The mark of a boy is someone who puts other people who are unfamiliar down. There is simply no excuse to denigrate others.

A fraternity man knows that ritual and purpose give rise to greatness. We don’t want you to be normal. We expect you to be great. Those expectations exist because of the ritual of your organization. The ritual is powerful. It is constructed to push you to rise up and serve others at a level most men will never see. The purpose in your story will make you a hero if you let it

Vice-President of Communications for Delta Gamma Fraternity Cori Wallace (via myweaknessisthati)

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